Enjoy great views of both the sunrise side and sunsets over our quiet bay. These five acres in town location is complete with a large garden area and garden structure, which is the perfect getaway for romantic couples, small groups, mini corporate retreats, weddings and family reunions.

The Purple Martin Inn offers artsy, boutique style luxury with contentment the Rogers City way!  The comfort and convenience of our guests is our primary concern. Our guestrooms are beautifully furnished with eclectic, welcoming, even romantic furnishings and each room has a personality all it’s own. All of the Inn’s rooms offer private bathrooms with showers.  Our comforters, pillows, and toiletries will ensure a delightful stay!

The Purple Martin Inn & Guest House also offers sensational views on Lake Huron, including sunrises and sunsets. It’s not unusual to watch great lake freighters or one of 45 bird species, including eagles. The Purple Martin is a National Wildlife Federation accredited property, a Purple Martin Sanctuary and a Monarch Butterfly Way station.

It is quaintly nestled in the quiet community of Rogers City with pristine shorelines, boutique shops, memorable people and the northern Michigan as by gone. Here you can walk freely and safely, smell the clean, pine air, play in the crystal clear waters, walk miles of public beach and almost touch the stars at night. It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy nature and experience a less rushed part of the world. Here you are able to enjoy all the wonders of nature while only being a walk around the corner to our uptown, offering unique shopping, homemade food and timeless museums. Whether you are looking for a place to unplug or be inspired; Rogers City welcomes you. Come experience for yourself the lifestyle of a Northeastern Michigander. We promise you’ll be hooked.


America’s most wanted bird, relative to the famous swallows of Capistrano. Graceful in flight, musical in its pre-dawn singing, this big swallow is one of our most popular birds. Purple Martins live in special houses and require human intervention to survive. They migrate from South America to breed for a short four month stay.(Third week in April until first week of August) They go back for the winter, but before leaving, they may gather to roost in groups of thousands in late summer.

Unlike many native birds, the Purple Martin thrives in close proximity to humans. This relationship dates back to the Native Americans, who hung empty gourds for Purple Martin nests. Most people welcome Purple Martin neighbors, as these birds are agile hunters and eat large quantities of winged insects.


Larry Martin Man Newhouse

Larry is a native of Rogers City. He has held a love for Purple Martins for years following his introduction to them by his father and grandfather. He has maintained the colony at the Purple Martin Inn since 1998. He showed the property to Cindy. The Purple Martins “were” abundant growing up. Now the population is declining due to loss of habitat, pesticides, loss of proper housing and poor purple Martin house Management. Larry is making a difference and works hard to keep these large swallows safe. He started recording the purple martin’s activities in 1998 and proudly displays the records at the Inn. He real time streams the birds inside their nesting cubicle so all can view them from inside the inn. It is a popular spot to be in the summer while the Purple Martins spend their short four months here. Watching the eggs laid and the hatching of the babies are worth celebrating. We have been asked to stream this on the internet and he hopes to achieve that in the future.

Purple Martins are cousin to the swallows of Capistrano and arrive in late April, same time, each year. The locals, along with Larry, watch each day for their arrival. Thankful when they show up because their long flight from South America holds numerous challenges.  Larry’s joy is monitoring the Purple Martin activities, listening to their calls, welcoming their arrival and sharing information while hand caring for the young… usually with an audience. Many find humor in watching them argue with how to arrange their nesting cubicle.

Purple Martins depend heavily on interaction with humans. Larry enjoys watching them call each other in, choose their partners and protecting their colony. It is a very sad time when they leave, Larry says. The excitement goes and the silence is heavy but Larry ultimately starts back up excited for the plans of the next year and his house renovations.

Larry welcomes everyone and helps folks share what he enjoys most… the simple things in life!

Cindy Vezinau aka “Vez”, the travel lady, is a philanthropic visionary

From her humble beginning in Roseville Michigan, as a child, Cindy spent of many her summers in Rogers City; the picturesque lake front town reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting. She cherished the times of Pure Michigan. A place where you could smell the pines, play in the clean water and nearly touch the stars. It’s what Traverse City used to be. After graduating from high school, Cindy backpacked across Europe to thirteen countries. She worked in travel agencies and was hired by Eastern Airlines as a liaison for the airline’s computer reservation system. Cindy transitioned from Eastern Airlines to Continental Airlines, Northwest World Airlines World Vacations and ultimately worked the past twenty plus years with Delta Vacations (the best she says) as a business development manager. Cindy worked with the travel agency community utilizing her public speaking skills to train and now her passion for travel has led her to presentations and consultative work in tourism. Cindy is a frequent contributor on radio stations discussing travel. Her practical industry experience has always revolved around tourism. Cindy Vezinau is an Entrepreneur with a Passion… The idea for the Purple Martin was created shortly after Cindy discovered this piece of property on Lake Huron. On a whim, she purchased it within 24 hours. She has traveled the world over but still admits – Rogers City is the best place on the planet. The Purple Martin sounds like a bird house, but it’s not. It is more like a nest. A nest of ideas, dreams, and a vision of hope to make a difference. Cindy is passionate about her vision and promotes the nonprofit Purple Martin 4 Kids, promoting the theme “Nature Plus Nurture Equals Future”. Cindy has been published in several books and is currently working on her own.