Purple Martin 4 kids

Purple Martin 4 kids’ newsletter

January 2021

We look forward to 2021. Our hopes to assist kids with a little love will go on. Anyone who has anytime, we can find something that is needed within your talents. Much love and again thanks! The smiles of hope for these children.

With most things 2020 was a challenge 

We were not able to hold a camp for kids due to COVID-19, in a year where it was so much needed.  Children’s activities were canceled, while neglect was at all-time high.  Purple Martin 4 Kids works feverishly to help soften pain though our grass roots effort.  Our pillow of their own program serviced 354 children this year!  We were down about 25% due to the absence of connecting children from schools and court.  We pray for the safety of children who are not within reach.

Facebook Online Donation

We held our first ever online fundraiser to ask for support to redo and upgrade our website and our pillow of their own program during Christmas.  We had no idea how it worked but we took a chance and started on Facebook.  We asked for donations of $3 or more to get to $500.00.  Just like magic our goal was hit in no time.  Donors came from all over, all walks of life, old acquaintances, new acquaintances, employed and unemployed friends.  Thank you, God and thank you all!

Pillowcase makers & hat makers

Oh, my goodness did we have great volenteers this year.  Homemade Pillowcases really makes our initiative special, carrying pure love withi them Linda Knapp of Rogers City and Marge Blossey of WA have helped since our inception. Thank you to: Becky Klinkhamer FLA, Emanuel Lutheran church from Muelke MI, Cass & Charlie’s Mother from Detroit, Lynne Rademacher, Marilyn S and Deb H , SE MI, Loree Pastine Harrison Twnshp MI. Donna Parker Bay City Sadly, we lost seamstress Cheryl Senay Midland who will be horribly missed. Rest in Peace. Our hat makers this year were Marcia Leavitt and Jan Sugar Mid-Michigan.


How can four women do such a great job coordinating these efforts you ask? I would say by the grace of God.  Our Board members Deb Belchak, Dora Fouchea, Shirley Randall and Cindy Vezinau just make it happen.  Deb so graciously allowed her pole barn to become our warehouse while Dora is using her church basement.  Well, it works!

Cheering Section

Shout out to Linda Knapp who has been supporting our group in Rogers City since it is inception. Denise Cadenas from Scottsdale and Sean Healy from New York never forgets us. Cousins Cheryl and Sandy Beaubian send help each year, as well. A new supporter is Loree Pastine who has started supporting in 2021. Thank you to you all.

Helpers on grant

Boy do we need help here and just when we ask, we have Erin Brege and Mikaela Bannon (Miss MI to be) showed up.
We look forward to 2021.  Our hopes to assist kids with a little love will go on.  Anyone who has anytime we can find something that is needed within your talents.  Much love and again thanks! The smiles of hope for these children, say thank you!

Camp this year is August 13-15.